The Voix Solidaires concert - Avignon, Nice, Marseille

Avignon June 1st

Marseille 12 June

Nice 22nd June

The Voix Solidaires concert is the unmissable event of CALMS! It is the great voluntary gathering of all solidarity artists during a magnificent evening dedicated to a struggle they have chosen together. For the 2021 edition, it is the fight against violence against women that the artists have chosen to highlight! 4 Les Voix Solidaires concerts will be given across France in the Operas of Marseille, Nice, Avignon and Massy!

The Collective of lyrical artists and musicians for solidarity - The CALMS is a French association under the 1901 law. Its purpose is to create fraternal and unifying lyrical charitable events in order to raise funds for associations and raise public awareness for major social and humanitarian causes.

CALMS is apolitical and is part of a humanist approach based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work for all associations that support and place fraternity and respect for the right to dignity at the heart of their projects.

Through music, CALMS raises public awareness of a humanitarian or social cause. Through a humanitarian or social cause, CALMS raises awareness of music. This symbiosis between art and solidarity opens wide the doors to a fraternal union between the different layers of the population.