La Périchole - Offenbach - Théâtre de Odéon à Marseille
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Here we are in Lima, a street singer and her lover Piquillo are facing misery. A viceroy with dictatorial tendencies proposes to the young singer to become his favorite. Intrigue of court, of heart and numerous bounces come to complete this masterpiece of Offenbach to the particularly neat music.

Musical Direction Bruno MEMBREY 
Director Olivier LEPELLETIER 
Choreographer Esmeralda ALBERT

The Périchole Héloïse MAS 
1st Cousin / Guadalena Kathia BLAS 
2nd Cousin / Berginella Lorrie GARCIA 
3rd Cousine / Mastrilla Marie PONS

Piquillo Samy CAMPS 
Viceroy Olivier GRAND 
Panatellas Jacques LEMAIRE 
Hinoyosa Éric VIGNAU 
Tarapote / A Notary Antoine BONELLI 
The Old Prisoner / Notary Michel DELFAUD

Phocaean choir 
Odeon Orchestra 
Sets and costumes Opéra de Marseille


Around the show

The Operetta finds the Alcazar 
Meeting with the artists • Saturday, February 15 at 5 pm 
The Municipal Library of Marseille, the Alcazar, in collaboration with the Opera and the Odeon, offers meetings with artists, around operatic works and operettas. 
Conference room 
Free admission, limited seating available) 
Municipal Library with Regional Vocation 
58, cours Belsunce - 13001 Marseille