Barbe Bleue – Opéra National de Lyon

Opera eats three acts and four paintings, 1866
Book by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy

When Bluebeard loses his fifth wife, the turbulent Boulotte is drawn to be the next. But Bluebeard falls in love with Hermia - who loves the sapphire shepherd - and gets tired quickly of Boulotte. He asks his alchemist to concoct an "anti-wife" philter. But like the other times, it is only a sleeping pill and Boulotte awakens the five "deceased wives". They reappear disguised as gypsies and break the truth.

Shows :

14/06/19 – 20h
16/06/19 – 16h
21/06/19 – 20h
22/06/19 – 20h
24/06/19 – 20h
24/06/19 – 20h
29/06/19 – 20h
01/07/19 – 20h
05/07/19 – 20h

New Production
In coproduction with the Royal Opera of Mascate, Oman and the Opera of Marseille

Conductor Michele Spotti
Scenics and Costumes Laurent Pelly
Dialogues adaptation Agathe Mélinand
Scenography Chantal Thomas
Lights Joël Adam
Barbe-Bleue Yann Beuron
Prince Saphir Carl Ghazarossian
Fleurette Jennifer Courcier
Boulotte Héloïse Mas
Popolani Christophe Gay
Comte Oscar Nabil Suliman
Roi Bobeche Christophe Mortagne
Reine Clémentine Aline Martin
Orchestre et Chœurs de l’Opéra de Lyon