Ibère Nature – Opéra de Lille

24 April

She was the unforgettable Robin Luron of King Carrot, and, Offenbach again, will soon be Boulotte in Bluebeard at the National Opera of Lyon. Winner of an award at the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition, the mezzo-soprano Héloïse Mas has the wind in its sails, but she does not forget her roots and the Spain of her ancestors. Seconded by one of the finest accompanists of the moment, the British Joseph Middleton, it is to its origins that it will pay homage, with a recital where will be close canciones, zarzuelas, melodies of Bizet and Gounod ... and some surprises.

Spanish fire burns in all souls. Love is celebrated through all music, particularly Latin, with an incandescence peculiar to the peoples of the South. The Franco-Spanish mezzo Héloïse Mas and the British melodist pianist Joseph Middleton invite you to explore these passionate impulses through various composers from all over Europe.

Héloïse Mas Mezzo-soprano
Joseph Middleton Pianist


Date : 24 april
Time : 18h00 - 20h00
Site Web : https://www.opera-lille.fr/fr/saison-18-19/bdd/cat/mercredi/sid/99841_ibere-nature