Die Walküre – Grand Théâtre de Genève

First day in 3 acts of the scenic festival Der Ring des Nibelungende Richard Wagner
Booklet of the composer. Created in Munich on June 26, 1870 at the Königliches Hof - und Nationaltheater.
After their remarkable debut with Das Rheingold, Dieter Dorn's team (directed) and Jurgen Rose (sets and costumes) wove the second episode of their dramatic reading of the Wagnerian epic of the Ring. The most memorable incursion of opera into film music, the Valkyrian Ride (with Francis Ford Coppola's helicopter volley fluttering over Vietnam) is just one of the outstanding musical moments of Valkyrie. The ode to spring, sung by Siegmund, his love duet with Sieglinde, Brünnhilde's plea at Wotan and, at the end of the opera, the unforgettable scene of the Enchantment of Fire are all waiting to ignite the applause public.

13/02/19 – 18h
06/03/19 – 18h
13/03/19 – 18h
04/04/19 – 18h

Reprise de la production de Dieter Dorn et Jürgen Rose (2013-14)


Direction musicale Georg Fritzsch
Mise en scène Dieter Dorn
Décors & costumes Jürgen Rose
Dramaturgie Hans-Joachim Ruckhäberle
Lumières Tobias Löffler
Expression corporelle Heinz Wanitschek



Date : 13 février
Heure : 18h00 - 23h00
Prix : 15.Fr. à 289.Fr.
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Lieu : Grand Théâtre de Genève, Boulevard du Théâtre 11, Genève, 1211 Switzerland
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